Ballistic Lockers — “It’s a mental INDUSTRY problem³ »

Breaking News… The Texas Rangers just received a wire from the governor there stating that former congressman Robert Francis O’Rourke is officially a mental case.

Fuera de Lugar — Bienvenidos.

³~. Said the governor speaking from a wheelchair, adding, “and Sit Down, BETO!!! You are offside ⚽ CONGRESSMAN”.

Fox Force Five, get it? TIRO LIBRE INDIRECTO

In local news, Öüï now knows that the failure to launch The Grouprama youth center on Boulevard Saint Michel and la rue Serpent happened because “the cousin of Lady Polanco”, who is currently on a shopping spree semester at SciencesPo, filed a complaint with Lady Unicorn at The Cluny, next to La Sorbonne, warning of a future bombastic nuisance in that section of the 6th District, and the chamber of commerce agreed, issuing a recommendation to Poseidon to vacate the 20th Block of the Boulevard Saint Michel. Poseidon then transformed himself into a seahorse and joined the ranks of the Undocumented migratory fish front and took on a heroine addiction.

No. 20 Blvd. de Saint Michel is now protected with ballistic fencing for it’s near-future Ballistic Basketballs.

Donkey Kong Logic. 👠 Woman on Gameboy®️ wants BIGGER MILITARY-grade weapons for cops… because MILITARY-grade bullets at WAL-MART ®️ COST .50 CENTS with no restrictions, all that the store will ask is that the purchasers are old enough to GO TO WAR, —after recess period on a school playground. 🔁🔀▶️📳📲🚸

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