The Fifth Beatle… Tin Tan

Por mi Raza Hablará El Piporro.

🎬… CUT!!!
Get Back!!! Ewe BLACK MoThErfUcker, this cover is for the ALABAMA market.

Mooving on in CANNES BRAVOS, de Fréjus…

Deer, Cousin Joe, please ask your PRODUCERS to give Elise Jordan a High Five 👋 for looking so fucking good in Dodger Blue!!! Aussie, relay to Alex (that faggot) to transliterate this for America (sin acento):

And Zeppelin goes here


DE que la perra es BRAVA?

Hasta a los de la CASA muerde.


It’s the top of the 675th inning, and Joe Biden is at the plate.

And, Katty Kay, according to Steve Ratner’s butler, the Rosbif’s are dressed for gas station food (punto y coma), over at Arnold Palmer’s Cooking Channel 🏌️Steve Ratner and COUSIN Joe 🎎 and his Japanese sex slave are going to have BRISKET and ALE on a boathouse in Nantucket… Mika is not a Mused.

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