Yo! Ajoomma… this are my CredEnTÍAls

The Four Seasons is a pizza… and Henry was a pompous ass.

Efemérides… Vivaldi played way to fast and he was, of course, a silifag®️² user… which is why his chompers were tight, MAN!

This is not a SEAL.



… [A]nd, GO’ill de Niza, Öüï reckons that as long as mister Jaggard doesn’t Kiss his Own ass, Évry thing in Matignon is honky-Dory 🐡.

Go, Johnny—GO!
Go, go, go, Johnny—GO!
Johnny be good.

https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Troy_McClure # :~:text= Phil%20Hartman %20was %20murdered %20in, which %20was %20dedicated %20to %20Hartman.

But speaking of “celebrities” kissing their own ass, El Festival de Cannes arranca hoy.

It’s called the Napólëòn Syndrome, and it’s the leading cause of chronic navel~gazing, the cure is of course, masturbation.

Oh, “Hi, [yada, yada, yada]… you may remember me from such docudrama films as Viejas Feas: Eww! and SEALs vs. Otters: The Road to Victory.”

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