And, Mme. Prime… Eye swears that Öüï is not making this up

Ingeniosos los cerros…

Reynolds 🌯… Recycle.

And, Hallie Jackson, “I Nearly Missed You », period! And, in Spain, you could take vacation for your cramps… REPLACE THAT, in American English.

https ://www .nytimes .com /2022/05/17 /world /europe /spain-time-off-period-pain .html


Charlotte Bibring… Take a shower, your Jazz is nuttin’ but funk. Eye can smell your tail all the way to Havre, and the motherfucking wind is caressing The Seine in the opposite way. 💋 if the Seine was a cat the motherfucker would hiss, but WaWa has no Enemy. Por ejemplo, at The 11th Hour with Stephanie Pundita, if one loses his shirt, Steph is hoping that the unfortunate SOUL has a ‘six-pack’, this being France, 12 dirty brassballs is the Standard.

 Smile 😁, youse on fagRADIOgraphies.

For the record, man… Eye does not know how to spell Oh-de°shin in Hangul, but señor..  one bowl of Kegogi Cheese Ramen to go with my “Perro Agradecido”.

… and as a graduate of the people’s republic pupil program, Eye will skip the round abouts and go for a full 360°.

Do Your Know How to Spell 🪄 a(nrevolution?

C’est Ironique, Eye knows, but here Öüï is, —again.

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