France blue presents: the 19th forum International de la mÉtéo CliMat

After the break, it’s “I want to believe”

But first, ix… The Aristotle’s Challenge for The United States Congress Committe On The Emotions Of Aliens and “their” LIZZARD Brains.


A homeless man takes a book left in PLAIN SIGHT for him to find as a challenge and conducts an autoPSY  on the mutilated reference material in that tome.

Öüï begins with the facts, just the facts ma’am.

Joe Friday: Le Titre, s’il vous plaît?

Tiff Any Cross: L’intelligence émotionnelle de Daniel Goleman (2006)

∴ ⊗ ∴ ⊗ ∴ ⊗ ∴⊗

— Any Idea what could have happend to the Appendices and the Copyright Library of Congress page?

— Gee Whiz! I can’t begin to imagine, but you should check out the “Passion Slaves” on page 56:

Some  people were Machiavellian about manipulating moodsWITNESS the IDF goons who purposely worked themselves into a rage in order to be all the FIRMER with THOSE BIBLICAL invaders³.

³~. Actual words replaced by MGMT, on the GOLEMAN tome (for reference³) were “BILL COLLECTORS” and « DEADBEATS ».

A banquet crew at the Four Seasons in Paris, France, is servicing three conventions. Saloon 1 is hosting an “X Files” convention, Saloon 2 is catering to the local AIPAC, and Saloon 3 is taking care of an Abortion Rights seminar.



¡Cótejalo!… i, little Armando Serrano-Prieto was spawned from a Mel Brooks S(@)pin at “THEE” french CONsulate on Route 66, vicinity Santa Monica Boulevard.


PUB Lick a Noun Cement:
Fuck the nation of David.

It’s another Festevus tragedy.

Her name was Lolo… he was a showboat, and if you are in on the joke, then you know what Eye is talkin’ about, Miguel (Hidalgo) CARTOLINI said it best:


… and france musique, at TSF, if you play San Fran’Cheesy one mo’again, Eye is going to bring Vaughn onto the mound ⚾.

Used bridge for sale.

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