And, GO’ill de Niza… Youse still woman enough?

Previously on, “Let Me Tell You How RAPE is funny”… Starring the Abbe Pierre and friends.

As a customer, i don’t blame the management. Èvry body has to move up in the 🌎

Aeropuerto Jelipe Álvarez y vuelos del Águila Albina presenta:

little Creek Township of CLINTON.

In Local news, the RÉPUBLIQUE Franprix ®️ is a big fuck you to chicken leg lovers, and here is why:

https ://www .lefigaro .fr /societes/casino-depart-de-jean-paul-mochet-president-de-monoprix-et-franprix -20220503

1. The same 3.50Eur that buys you TWO WHOLE CHICKEN LEGS and potatoes at just about Évry other Franprix ®️ outlet, gets you one chicken leg no potatoes*… THE FRENCH CATCH: the employees there skipped posting the price for lunch.

* That’s what MARIANNE@theprefecture de Paris means when she utters, “french touch”.

”Good afternoon, Tranquility Base HÔTEL and CASINO”.

Over at the Mairie du IIIéme, at least the MONOPRIX subsidiary there has the decency of giving you a “reduction” for the missing potatoes at PARMENTIER. EYE told you to take your mask off, mister Monopolio.

Prices are subject to change, and Fuck You, and MERCI for NOTICING.

AS AN UNDOCUMENTED TOURIST, i know that just about Évry other Franprix ®️ in the Ille-de-France skips the .20 centimes fée for the UTINSILS. Either the employees there are SKIMMING the register, or Franprix ®️ République thinks the people at République are CATALONIANS.


Ackerman se frunció aquí… ask Raúl Velasco down the Stairs, to the RIGHT.

Que Seco follows…

Over at fip . fr, the producers there remain committed to a steady supply of Rape, Murder, and the lasting legacy of Sir Charles Manson:

And in Cholula, los llamados “amigos” de Mélenchon en Iztapalapa are about to explain to the “Nupes” what an « investidura » meant to Héctor Belascoaran Shyne, as he sat in the lap of Pablo Picasso.

El Fondo

No Habrá Final finalmente.

During his kinderGARTEN years at the Paco Franco Institute de Gijón, little Héctor [alias] Francisco Ignacio Taibo del Ma[n]hojo, would race his little partner in nepotism, Manuel Valls, for the pleasure of sitting on Pablo’s lap and using the maistro’s thumb 👎 as a butt plug.

Put me in coach:

Oh My, Gosh… Shut the Fuck Up!

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