If Only The Paris Tourism Board had the imagination

La Mero Ti CRA Tzia 

La Batalla de los pipopes³… from the creators of El Festival.ito de Cin.ito en París.

³~. I swear that this “marquisado” is a real thing, it is neither hyperbole and EYE swears it is nothing, but the hypotenuse, the whole Chile en Nogada, and nothing but the motherfucking empanadas de panocha Valenciana.

https ://www .razon .com .mx /mexicanos-espanoles-esto-dijo-miguel-barbosa-batalla-puebla -481494

En la circonscription de
La Insula del gobernador de Puebla en
El Año 2022
de 1986.  

Anyhow… I’d like to take the rest of the Evening off, so… mister SHAO, if that’s your real name, Öüï is going to borrow COLINE from the Crazy Horse to see about them Buffalo.

In the Meantime, Imma at the Flamenco house in Paris won’t let me lie, Eye knows Öüï have seen that roof before.

… gawD’am It, Cédric, Jane got loose again! This is no time for nepotism!? Save Courbillon for August, when Saint-Opportune is empty. Now youse gonna make Mí, break the one-pint a They limit.

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