It’s the seventh-inning stretch… and, the game is over LMB/MLB

The following presentation is titled, “Rejected DAD Jokes for the Washington Correspondent Dinner”.

For locals only.
In Paris, France, Denis Soula (that motherfucker) joined forces with Florence.
Cassez and kidnapped the Saturday Nooner Car Tunes from Radio Fréquence Paris Plurielle. The Afront is part of the MAY DAY welcoming of the new Twitter honcho, not to be confused with Mika Brzezinski’s “Titter over fifty” channel.


Over at La Strada on france musique…

The Phanny Pages… ANTONY (that fucking Quinn) is sitting next to Hdutil who is sippin’ OUZO with la hija de Zeus L. Jackson… Salma Hayek is standing-by.

Anyhow, Back to Life Ace To Base or something like that… Bubba Gump is three hours that way.


Deer, Ambassador Brzesinski… the more EYE sees EWE the more I am convinced that your daddy had a wild weekend in Pretoria, South Africa. Eye swears that if Elon Musk was a regular geek he would look just like you, sir.

And, mister Ambassador, Eye swears to Gawd that mister Musk looks more like Ewe, than Paul McCartney ever did with that Billy ShEARS, in-did.

According to Lopez… mister Musk is pulling a López on Twitter, “A CLOWN MOVE” like that “Cuarta Transformación”… In the mean reel time MÉXICO is the U.S. Immigration’s butler and Major League Baseball test-lab mouse 🐭.

Sin Celery,
Prof. Alfredus Jaliphus-RamhMí

After the break, Willie Geist dresses up as FAT ELVIS, and like D.A.T., Monet  is on The Sunday Show… sponsored by Mika’s money-sucking Titter.

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