Ladies in Gemini — The Hurricane


An American Symphony in Paris is nuttin’ but a motherfuckin’ 🥑 TLAYUDA… In TEXAS it’s a Hawaii 🍍 Ana.

If it’s 2022, Tuesday es El día de las madres*

Y por ESO, hoy enviamos un saludo al señor Armando Hoyos en Televisa Présenta La T in U.S..

* Offer only valid in Central America (as viewed by French geography records).

{and} GO’ill de Niza, don’tcha just love it when an ambitious prosecutor “suppresses evidence³” favorable for squashing a Death Row, records, sentence?

³.~ https ://www .cnn .com /2022/04/25 /us /melissa-lucio-stay-of-execution /index .html

Any hoot, previously on “Viva Tatiana Clouthier”, Denisa Kerschova was taking a dip near a place called Pafos casi esquina con Petra tou Romiou, in her birthday suit, —no less.

Hilarity ensues when Uranus gets castrated and Jean-Paul Gaultier’s little sewing box gets thrown into the southwestern beaches of Cyprus, causing a delay in the Birth of Aphrodite until the Rock on that pond was replaced.

Io no escoje las selecciones… Eye only spins these, period!

ISSY, Rachel Maddow, Issy–les–Instructions might not be included but guess what, deer 🦌, Ewe still have to show your work, POR EJEMPLO, Raquelito, Eye just spoke to Ziggy Lazarus, Man!!! {and} that motherfucker said that Robert Zimmerman opened a Ronald McDonald™️ (r.i.p. 2021) museum next to Madame TOUSSAUDS à Grand Boulevards in Paris.

Issy, it’s TROU, Willie Geist… it’s 🕳️, it’s trou!!! “Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow », oh—LA VACHE 🐮.

Let U.S. Pray… 🥃

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