And, Reverend Al… if it’s Saturday it’s Black History month*

*.~ Always, period! If you have any question ask the Plastic Ono Band and reference the code:

“Woman is the Sheriff of The World”

… and here is why mister Reverend Al, Eye told Ewe Yesterday that Öüï was going to take a Trip around the WO’ild in 80’s Theys…

In Disinformation Knews, Tiff Cross shot her video producer after a track of MALE immigrants crossing the border cued the ‘coming up’ track when prompted for for Latino Voting Interest … to quote Baby 💙 “if it doesn’t fit, shoot it’s 🐔 off ”.

{and} in the process, juxtapose a couple of TRIdimensional Venns’-es-es d’esos from Odessa. Por ejemplo, Baby Blue 💙, take a closer look at what’s behind that wagon wheel, g’ahead squint those almond-shaped jeepers. Did you see it yet? That’s Right TIFFANY CROSS, that’s a LENINGRAD COWBOY raping that baby’s momma.

Yup! That’s a Leningrad Cowboy taking cover on the other side of that wagon wheel, Eye reckons at about Paco’s mound level.


Mick Jagger walks into a Warner Brothers canteen, hilarity ensues when Oscar asks César what his silhouette is made of.


The Heartbreakers go:

Young Guns… Starring Bobby Brown

That Jumping Free Jack Flash is made out of TURNER.

While, Ewe, waits, a funny thing happened on the Way to The Forum. Ayrton Senna guest stars as Emilio “El Indio” Billy da Silva… 🏎️🏎️🏎️

And, KATIE PHANG… Alias thinks that Bob Zimmermann WROTE the perfect Torreon de Lerdo en Palacios corridor, in the Ballad of Durango. But Alias didn’t because Alias forgot about “El Chino” Rodolfo’s Général Supply Store, and about, Mi, off-course.

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