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Sérénade près de Mexico, “down Mexico’s way”, with musical guest, Quincy Jones… if you miss a step, worry not, just catch up with MARC POLYMERPOLOUS next to the ‘Streetbeater’ at Dun-sur-Meuse³… [Aie, aie, aie, aie] [4x].

³.~ Hydrorrhage (1975); Open Air Museum, París-Francia.

{and} Cerf-panthère, your internet monkees are going to have to extrapolate the following to a place called “GerryMontyMandering Way”, which happens to be just around the corner of the Harlem-Kingston Salvage Workplace, on the Left Bank of La Seine, altura con el Jardín de mammouths, hierbas y antropología. If you get lost ask Mr. Steptoe {or} his son, Lamonty Alexander, they run the SALVAGE Garden next to the River Cops.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Sanford_and_Son

Large Raindrops are falling on thee EU.

Marina Le Pen walks into a Resto de Cœur, hilarity ensues when the far-right Coq Sucker realizes that she walked too far and, that La BARGE de CROUS is like three presidents in the opposite direction from the Bpi.

At the other end of the Canteen, right below the steps of The BnF, François Mitterrand is not a-mused

Deer, Marianne…
your allegory is missing some Tunas, a Golden Mirror, and a little Frog wanting to know WHO IS, the fairest of #Em-all.

Que dice don COLUCHE que nomás hay de dos SOPAS, and EYE quotes:

Sopa con vergotitas


Sopa de CARACOL.

BUT FO’ist!!! It’s the maiden edition of “You Asked fo’IT! »


Cunts With Mittens…
{or} How Eye Learned To Stop
Worrying About Softball
{and} Learned To Love
A Roller Derby Queen.

No Duran Duran!



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