Juchitlán si existe, Tlaxcala on the other hand is like La Paz³

Deer, KATIE FANG 🧛‍♀️… consider the following, them ‘Coladas’ on the Telemundo®️ taste better with AnAnAs ♠️:

If only Justice was a muse, She could never Match my Imagination.

In Hilo, Hawaii, your show is on Weekend Prime Pass Time

³.~ B.C. {S}, is only a figment of Los Cabos imagination, San Lucas.

Aussi… the sad part about The Bank of America [Slash] Axios interview with Moscow Mitch’s response to your question was the ‘LAUGH TRACK’ reaction of a from a captive audience, all that was missing was the Standing Ovation, like with the Hollywood crowd.

… Question, is ball-fondling appropriate for Streaming channels? Let’s ask ZERLINA… and BABY Blue, don’t get all blue in the PHASE. Eye didn’t set the re-run before “La China²” Show. And Baby Blue, Eye reminds you and former Secretary of State, Madame Hilary Rodham Clinton, that Eye does not select the tracks on the next shout-out… but Öüï did warn you that the ‘theme’ for April, in Paris, for 2022, was going to be El Tren Maya.

https ://eu .northjersey .com /story /news /essex /montclair /2022/04/06 /eric-boehlert-killed-train-montclair-nj /9485476002/

But FO’ist!!!
A memo from Turner…

Well, Ewe HO’id about the 72 virgins that await a certain side of the FREEDOM of SPEECH spectrum upon turning in their body suit for disposal, well, this is the other side of that fence.

Issy, when a fake news fighter looses 21 grams before checking-out, he gets to ride next to 72 fat-bottomed GO’ills on his way to wherever he needs to go.

Trou edict, ask the QUEEN, Freddy said so. ♠…


Y’all know that like “Grabiel”, Mercury is just the messenger.

After the Saturday Morning re-runs it’s Hangeul-grade Hapkido vS Japanese Noodle-threaded Aikido. Cuchifritos from Segovia en Castille, Spain, after the match. Note to editors, México has LEY SECA all weekend long, therefore the “carnitas y chicharrones al estilo Michoacán” are closed… sooooooo, if you ARE in ON the CrossConnection, just add, GOYA to the plate.

².~ Katie Phang’s secret reveal on the Adamari López Show in Little Havana

The answer is, apparently, —yes. And here, is apparently why:

“Bob” in Accounting
And The Me Too Mouvement

https ://www .msnbc .com /zerlina /watch /5th-year-of-the-me-too-movement-137350213599

— Context


— Context

Check local listings, Studio G is off-line.


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