Say hey there, IGOR Novikov — píntame una de nopales


A Political Eruption… any way you cut it, Whitey.

somewhere on this journey on my way to Australia I ran across a falafel traiteur who told Mi that the tribe of Israel held the same regard for the prickly pear plant as any Mexican worth his/her pipián, —in any color.

Anyhow, mister NovoCaine, if History Rhymes and if Eye should not get to hold the mic, exactly what degree of WAR Criminal on the scale of mister Netanyahu are youse talking about?

Remember now, Mr. “I’m going to Disneyland” on the Nicolle Wallace producer’s dime, the game of poker is almost–kind–of sort’ah like the Twelve Angry Men playing Maverick Solitary on the Rope a Card episode.

https:// imdb .com /title /tt11405324tt11405324/

A speculative documentary about a small desert town in southern New Mexico. Set in a near-future when humans are leaving Earth for other planets, the film tells the story of the people who stayed.

{and} Eye quotes Billy Bob Thornton,
“Who gave this sonovabitch a refugee card?”

Sean Penn Fled Ukraine by Walking to Poland

But seriously, Mr. Novikov:

In this new Israel, which Sean Penn just confirmed, that you (the Ukrainian s) indeed are going to build, will Palestinians expelled from the Gaza Bar and Grill be able to find a place to eat their ancestral hummus in piece (as a Whole Unit) and not “in pieces“?

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