CRT 2350 Intro to Critical Ray Tubes

Auction at rue Vivianne follows. Tino Contreras was a fag!

Introduction to Critical Ray Tubes
Requirement: CRT 2112 Cathode Race Théories of the 1950’s.

Tacos Orientales de Cuernavaca… BANZZAÏ!!! The Sun Also Rises in CHINA (Nuevo León).

But FO’ist! The Demise of Critical Race Theory is near, repent now. The Plasma is near!!!

One thing for sure, GO’ill the Niza, it’s the other way around, your ENTIRE Radio structure keeps an eye on Mí and then they Do, that thing that i do and, that it is not necessarily Voodoo, it is more like Brújulia and if youse gonna try it, —la Brújulia— youse gonna need a compass, not necessarily ‘compas¹‘ because they are in the end nothing more than FALSE FRIENDS or cheap calcos, and of course Eye is writing this like a Honduran immigrant minor on “our” Southern border.

Ai, our new ESPONTANEO comes from the Julian Bream Community College in La Sierra Morena.

Ai brings us this beam from Bream and he’s gonna go out on a limb:

The irony, is that YO’cheeky ass still has to land at the Bom-bene-Mérito WareZ Airport to go to Garibaldi a escuchar a Javier. AnyHOW, Live from PARIS, FRANCE, IT’S: Sr. Valero, ya valió Verga, FRANCE MUSIQUE canabalized you.

This is Circus Flight from the Felipe Ángeles International Airport

If {and} only if {not} 4 Ewe
Sixto Rodríguez walks into a bar
and that’s it, that’s all Eye gots’…

Except that the bar is in San Salvador and
Like A Rolling Stone,
is playing on “Thee” PAYOLA

msnbc is covering “La Bestia”
from la barrera de Sombra, (Ombre).

Mesa Hotel – Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In théâtres when September Ends.

¹.~ Buddies, camarades, ‘partners’, wingmen and yes, those substantifs that Ringo Starr calls “friends”.

The Hi’s and the Lo’s.

And, GO’ill de Niza, you see what Eye is talking about, ALL OF A SUDDEN Évry body wants to “virar” a Old Mexique. Take this Banzzaï de Piolé, [character] doing SRV’s “Tightrope” like a hot-dog, walking the line with her manitas instead of her SOUL’s.

https ://www .rae .es /drae2001 /piolar

And Ms. Kerschova, if you are knot reading this, please relay to your cousins at Issy-les-Moulineaux, that High-Fidelity is a misnomer, and please, Siren, stay away from The Cusack. Bhaaaack-Ah—Güey, Bitch! Bhaaaack-Ah—Güey. EYE HAS EMPIRE RECORDS, and Wolfman Jack just signed a deal with that Station.

The trapezius.

Track Tú: Born Under a Trapeze
Artist: The Great Tit Confusion
Album: This article is about tits. Yes, have a giggle, get it out your system, because we’re going to be using the word a lot……

Indeed, Denis Soula, in-deed. It’s like this Radio Boy, if TSF JAZZ was not “neutral”, Öüï would probably listen to a little more Melody (Gardot) and if NOVA radio wasn’t Your “off–shore” frequency, Eye would personally stay longer than a comercial for a super-stocked supermarket commercial… pays for your super Audio speakers at La Maison de La Radio.

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