Rob Zombie walked into the studios of rFPP MIGUEL Hidalgo y Costilla en Botzaris

Évry body is jumping on the wagon.

Breaking news, Juanito has been kidnapped by Florence Cassez, The Steel Drums de Décalage are on, it’s High-Noon and Bob Mary just re-interpreted Them Crazy Baldheads.

Hilary ensues when The Misfits pull a Nine Inch Nail from their. Muñecas ,


Baisers Bitches 💋

Now I don’t select the repetitions, but when The Dragon [Simmons]; rock and roll [threshold between RIDE the LIGHTNING {and} Green Hell; {and} / {or} French punk(s), all manifest on LA RADIO DEL PUEBLO, then-and-only THEN the spirit of Bon Scott’s barf reminds your silly asses that the French can’t play rock and roll 🧏

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