Delgado del Fundillo: CARTA A FRANCIA… y “estrellas” que la acompañan

Must be read in a slow-uttered political tempo YUCATECAN voice from TABASCO, en OBRADOR:

inteligentes y… bien informados

When AMLO met MDNA

MALOnna Vouge
A Mexican president’s ‘LEGACY’ is not really complete without a MISSTRESS, JOLOPO had SASHA, Echeverría had “LA TIGRESA”, Miguel de La MADRID… had JULIO IGLESIAS; AMLO fetched MADGE and they had a baby and the couple named him MALOnna VOUGE.

Ladies with an attitude
Fellows that were in the mood
Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it
Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it

Vogue, vogue

Carta a Francia (En Vivo) – YouTube


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