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“Historically during this season (Catholic Holy season) the slaughter price dropped between 20 to 25 per cent compared with December due the consumption reduction.”


El pedo de los porros en Banderilla_Veracruz

{and} Of course Why ask Why with Yon from la Liga MX:

A DNF formula is in full disjunctive normal form if each of its variables appears exactly once in every conjunction.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Disjunctive_normal_form

Economics 26:15 Inflation at “potters field“.
Instructor: Matthew Zacarías

Por 300 pesos, empresa de seguridad contrató improvisados para el Querétaro vs Atlas

This course takes on the mystery of how much are Thee 30 silver coins used by Judas Iscariot to purchase “Potters Field”, in today’s MEXICAN PESOS.

The Problem with Yon, a new variant of that Juan.

Commitment to Excellence… CORTÉS-Y-A de MILENIO Diario.

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KNOT to be outdone by the irony of a period turned into a DISJUNCTIVE latin “i”, the PRESIDENT of Mexican soccer returns from his “Pied de Cochon-Place Vendôme promenadeing afternoon brunch-eating » to see what in the Whole Wide World of Sports is happening in the pork slaughterhouse capital of the world, Querétaro.

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