Breaking News… Denisa Kerschova is plastered

And, Alicia Menéndez, I swear that Matt Damon is knot a part of this blog, and Eye cannot believe that South Park went with the ponies reference.

And in Moscow, I told you Ewe’all to ignore the Russian ice skater’s enhancement “oils”; now Black Spy is reporting the arrest, and Eye quotes from his Navy Sealed lips:

A Band in Parts production in collaboration with Reportando Sin Fronteras ni Amnistía.

African-American drug dealer detained at PUSHKIN Airport Terminal with stash of enhancement MARIHUANA!!! Ahhhhhhh, shit, wrong box on page B3 of The New York Times… Read all about it on France24 on Aguascalientes TV26.

… Don’t ever say that Eye doesn’t do anything for the Bourse.

Ham Radio — Jam On It.

Meanwhile, back at The Corrector’s Stadium in THE GREAT STATE OF QUERÉTARO, it’s:

Fútbol entre gallos

[Told y’all that there was going to be a cockfight… ¿wanna SEE what happened at “las parejeras³?]

³.~ Horse races.

For Context, last night at the Place Where Évry body knows your name, a fellow member saw me scrolling through the content of /r/Mexico… long story short, he thought i was being, « NOSTALGIC », i shrugged and proceeded  to tell my colleague and his friend que, “ni de pedo” which means ‘faggot’ for the homophobic French. In Spanish, particularly in Mexico (my colleague is Gallego) it means ‘fart’ literally, but IT IS SLANG for ‘trouble’, ‘problem’, or a, ‘SITUATION’. If you know how to get to SESAME STREET, this is what I mean:

Viva México.

Score board, Visiting Team -17 including the regulations “nude stomp” victim with a Penalty of until “la barra brava” gets tired of kicking your dead body into a putty doll.

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