Men in blazers… It’s all Cyrillic to Mí


This screengrab is made possible by:
deepL translation.

Gonna take a nap now, wake, Mi up, when September Ends.

Holy freq’s… Eye dreamt that radio Paris Fréquence Pluriel declared GWAR on Jazz à  fip en Aguascalientes TV24… le Journal de Saint-Denis reports.

Inspired by PADDINGTON in Cyrillic, la radio 📻 de los dos pueblos mounted a full-fledged attack on the Fi-Fi side of town for the piece of the π… the Ω à Javel just got knock the fuck–out with the “droppings” of Julie from London… the Humanité

Response from Colonel Soula à Sirène FOX Central was Swift as fuck. Colonel Soula, —that motherfucker!!! Unleashed the H-bomb‡ on L’a Butte Chaumont.

No Go Zone magos

‡.~ La Hache es Hybride

At 18h45 Ennio Morricone is transmitting from a bunker at Place des Fêtes and TSF JAZZ remains neutral.

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