Too drunk to blog ,🌯 Tiger meat BURROWITOUOs

Thankfully, this ship doesn’t even have a windshield, so nobody is bound to get hurt, right? … Let the record show, SUSANA PUVEDA, that Margarita sin Marihuana es como una habanera sin palomitas on the 50-yard line.

Solidarity is the perfect smokescreen for privilege.
Mario Puzo wrote A Song describing it, ”$olidarity needs Parrainage”, or something like that.

With that In mind, let us talk about ‘the institution’… Eye knows, Eye knows, LEF, but Marianne, you fickle cunt, Ewe forgot the Jay, baby.

And in Mexico, the Socialista International remains in the archives of Gustavo Díaz Ordaz protège : Andrés López Manuel Mélenchon.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity…  nevermind Justice, it’s a system of sycophants,. Sorry about that. But what kind of grill holds a slice of tomato, sacrosanct, so as to not be liable to sizzle next to MY ONIONS!!! KEEP THE SIX EUROS YOU BASTrds and your unholy  BURRITO … You maghrebs à Châtelet remind me of a certain SOUP NAZI, yes you do.

En Contexto, para mí Amigo, Kabil (Maroc),
With all due respect, let Mí put the maxim of “dame” y “toma” into perspective before the GO’ill De Niza begins to think that this blog is about her.

Dame se murió porque Toma le dió un Gato por Liebre… ahogado en harissa de Tunisia, por si faltase más. And, GO’ill Del Niza, this is the sauce that derramó el vaso, —de ayer.

What? Are you like latin Americans abroad who are beyond reproach? Are you like the privileged Mexican sons and daughters of the OCDE (look it up)???

Eye loves Ewe, Mary Jane… and Salma Hayek, why is it always the brown-skinned motherfucker that comes to tell another brown-skin bastard (like Mí) that, ‘you  don’t belong’?

In a second, I an am going to tell, Martin, why I do, make that fucking Rotunda look good. And besides, I am Medici’s guest, regardless of what Super Algeria with a rent-a-cop uniform says.. (Hic) go draw eye sockets on that fucking horse in front of your post if you are too boarded you son-of-a-bitch.

And, Reverend Al… Please relay to Willie Geist that Öüï doesn’t select the rants… I just voice’em.

P.S.. i lost my glasses, so nevermind the Typos… They are like Cilantro for your shitty turkey rolls.

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