Tú da Moon, GO’ILL de Niza… to the moon

Issy… Denise, is a fish, a Salmon to be précis. It’s the secret INGREDIENT in the Gotham City Hall menu, it’s TROU!!! Fo’ol—The  New York City Mayor is a FAKEAR Vegan!!!

Ja Nisa, reports from the friend Maerkers en Inglés.

And, Dyer Maerker goes here:

“A las mujeres no las escucha”: Denise Maerker estalló contra AMLO por defender a Salmerón y Macedonio

Fakear is off-CORSE, a fag… Dijo{n}, Haydn, here’s the Source, “chaka-chaka³ »:

https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Denise_Maerker

And, i quotes, SHAKA!

Eye is so ugly, Dr. Phibes said, “Gawd Damn, youse Ugly”.

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