Les Inconnus (trio) are a bunch of fags

Please be advised that Öüï don’t select the Rock-olas, Eye only hit ▶️ “Piggy-back Wings” for vegans are all-you-can-Eat during Happy³ Hour.

Ken Salazar stars as a cynical Adult Entertainment “all-you-can-eat” Teïbol Dance gin-joint.

After the partitions, it’s The 11th Hour in military standard march, with la GO’il de Niza…

— Sobres, Simón, sobre las olas…🏄 Let’s go Tankin’ everybody’s Tankin’ come on Safari With Mi 🎶

Note to Willie Nelson… dear, Willie, Congressman  Joseph Charles Scarborough (R-Fl) thinks that Bill Maher is a fookin’ L👀ser.

Full disclosure, intern keeler’s should knot ban marihuana.

Full context,

Joe Scarborough cuts lengthwise timber or steel structure along the base of a ship, (keen) which supports the framework of the whole, in some vessels, Scarborough uses the timber to shape surfboards, which potheads in South Carolina purchase, {AND} then Scarborough blames the tanking of the vessels on the aforementioned potheads. THE SOUTHERN CHARM OF  HYPOCRISY, knot to mention, THE HUMANITY!!!

Here’s lookin’ at Ewe, Moscow Mitch.
C’mon Down.

En la jornada del Consejo de Seguridad Nacional de Las Naciones Unidas, México has been asked to throw the towel on the defense against RT propaganda en El Ajusco.

De Aquí Pa’l Real con Mélenchon.

Live from the Casa Blanca de Houston, Tejas…

Chorpus Christi__ They Dream Bee livers gathered around El Golfo de México to witness SIMÓN walk his little Baby-Bro into The NATIONAL PRAYER Brunch with The Beatles. Mother Mary narrates.

… Que de dónde, amigo, vengo?

La Belle y Me.

Commie Republicans Overlords of Columbia… C.R.O.C. — Founded by Nancy Reagan in 1980… That C.R.O.C. in the frame is Mr. T, —F👀l.


Eat the rich,

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