Tiger Year’s Eve… a lamb’s alternativa

Long story short, MANOLETE dies. In the mean time let’s look in the rear-view mirror.

Habit de lumière

Brody is a Fair Use of La Fiesta Brava, and of course, “thee” IMdB and “El viaje de Théophile Gautier a España”, sin olvidar “La corrida del 1 de mayo” de Jean Cocteau.

Sin embargo, if professor of Spanish Studies at Paris-Sorbonne, Aracéli GUILLAUME-Alonso could confirm, interlopers, intrusos, infiltrados e improvisados can say that Paul Solet might have gotten the inspiration for the first-half of the script of CLEAN (2020) from a “raging bull” behind the wheels of an automobile*, but the second-half of that tale is all BRODY playing MANOLETE with a different “traje de luces”, or as la profe Ara says, the second skin of a Matador… and please don’t call CLEAN a “woke avenger” if you can’t distinguish the difference between Vaudeville y un Lienzo de verdad.

https ://www .imdb .com /name /nm2099491 /?ref_=tt_ov_dr

*.~ A Monte Carlo that had seen better days, but that still gets one from POINT a to POINT b, just like the wheels that MANOLETE used in order to get from Plaza to Plaza as he was changing the highest art-form en el redondel.

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