Intermedio con Rickie Lee Jones… and Mongo Santamaría’s Shirt in COOPERSTOWN!!!

Houston (STREET) Öüï has a problem; get your basic maths Paraphernalia ready.

https ://www .ctvnews .ca /canada 
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And, Eye, quotes from page 17 of the little essay below the quotes:

An example illustrates the situation well: it is the theory of faisceaux (sheafs). It shows that this relation to abstraction depends on each mathematician, on the professional choices s/he makes, and on the use s/he has of the objects in question…

« A implique B » … page 9, “Faire des Mathématiques” [CNRS de Vive Voix].

Logic plays a mathematical role, por ejemplo, in Dixie Fried Politics. Take Imani Perry, who just took Eddie Gloude’s segment by explaining the classic problem,

DeXtroMéthorphane… In large quantities you may hallucinate…

‘an elite Virginian leaves Mecklenburg County in South Carolina at 3 pm on Friday to vote on legislation for the cotton-pickin’ pickers industry, which is to be voted the following Monday at 8 am in Washington, D.C.’

Logic dictates that,  “A”, the gentleman from Virginia would promote having the center of power near his town, and “B” keep the cotton pickers from voting, of course.

With D.A.T. in mind, Öüï continues with the basic maths Paraphernalia of page 17 (Abstraction)


[A] bundle is an object used in topology, this branch of mathematics deals with the notion of continuity, voisinage (proximity) or limit…


https ://globalvoices .org /2022/01/25 /georgian-pmgifted-his-wife-part-of-a-state-owned-forest/

Keep the shirt, drop the stinky Socks.

But FO’ist! Elise is the best lookin’ Tammy Faye Baker for my cup of joe.
— Lemire, however, has got to go; he’s no Jimmy Stewart.

https ://www .hopitalpourenfants .com /infos-sante /pathologies-et-maladies /ces-ados-qui-abusent-des-medicaments-contre-la-toux

All That Rage because of The Rag time… Sponsored by Vania™️, period!

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Jimmy_Swaggart

With fake télÉvangelists out of the güey, Öüï now continues with:

basic maths Paraphernalia of page 17 (Abstraction)


…[T]he definition of a bundle is of an « ensemblistic³ » nature, which is not surprising since, at the beginning, the main notions of topology are ensemblistic: the openings, sub-sets which define the topology, or their complements, the closures, must satisfy a certain number of axioms. Thus, the definition of a topology is ensamblistic

³.~ LEICA gerund, —pues.

Fire to adjust ; fire—FIRE-H.E.A.T… and all that JAZZ!!!

Quai d’Orleans, PARIS CENTRE _ In a blatant disregard to https ://www .actualidadliteratura .com /fondo-y-forma-en-literatura-lo-que-decimos-y-como-lo-decimos/ Rickie just settled for a concrete LEICA™ lawnmower and a parking lot space at Le parvis de Le Roi Merlin.

Or Something Like That… Eye is done with Castor, AMA

“They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot,” blame it on Joni Mitchell.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /AMA

And if youse got the last LEICA™ joke… then you must know what this symbol  , on PAGE 17 means :

[L]‘utilité de la notion de faisceau apparaît dans des situations mathématiques tout à fait concrètes où les objets ne sont pas globalement définis

https ://www .the guardian .com /world /2022 /jan /26 /ukraine-and-russia-to-hold-paris-talks-in-latest-effort-to-ease-tensions

Via: Reddit.Com/r/DadJokes

In CONCLUSION (page 17 18):

One can think of an object in pieces that comes with an instruction manual that explains how to put the pieces back together. A beam would be an object that we cannot, for very good reasons, put together
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_raisons, décrire par sa totalité, mais que par ses morceaux.


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