La Última Hora (AD”) — Anne Frank’s Garten (3éme)

Turn The Page, in Amsterdam is another They and in Cabo San Lucas, aussi(e).

Anne Frank’s They… correction: Ado Allemand, ABRI à Amsterdam and a VICTIM of her own success.

If “surmonter” is French for, to seat on top (of the Cabin, Thom)… What happens when Ewe adds a « De » to the Verb in Transition?

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /club-jazzafip-du-mardi-25-janvier-2022

Previously on the tale about a waitress from Natchez working at a biker roadhouse in the Great State of Mississippi…

Let’s ask Leonardo DiCaprio… that motherfucker! That dumb sumbitch is like the current “expert” in all things FINAL, just look what he did to La Vaquita Marina in Cabo Wabo, San Lucas. Leo ate the last Mexican Vaquita de Mar. Indeed he did.

In Local Motion News, fip fired Alexandre Desurmont. Fuck You Denis Soula, you fuckin’ Mexican!!! Have you no Soul?

Alexandre Desurmont began his career as a Radio DeeJay delivering baguettes to Pete Best in Hamburg.

Desourmont kept the sirens (them sluts) in line, and to celebrate the axing of the jazz spinner, Radio France is having an all-out orgie at la rue Saint-Opportune… the humanity.

“Hasta La Vista, Baby”… You’ve been Terminated.

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