Welcome home, Eddie… Rocky is just around l’Hôtel-Colbert et rue Lagrange

No sé en dónde quedó la cabeza

And, Agent Angle, can you imagine if The Peacock sent you on your way to Kyiv all by your lonesome, just you and a Sennheisser Levalier mic?

Occupational hazard número uNo… stingy bosses.

That’s the root of the problem Mr. Berstein, stingy editors (como usted comprendera) who cut vital jobs from the industry, Fo’Fuchs Sake!!! A sniper still needs a spotter.

https ://www .nytimes .com /2022/01/20 /us /reporter-hit-by-car [Striking Nerve With TV Journalists] .html

En Varsovia faltan cinco para la Una. And Live from New YORK, not to be outdone by the fake character “guy with a boat”  SNL’s Weekend Edition bought a motherfuckin’ boat.

And, Eddie Gloude, Jr. Öüï is going to have to move your segment over to Last Week Today. In the meantime please enjoy a memo to Memo, —from Brut media. It’s a trou segment and you need at least, Eye SAY, at least a Liberal Arts degree from the University of Maryland to enter the blog.

But don’t take it from Mí, ask “Tootsie” over here, she’s like an expert on everything “deepthroat” at the WaWaGate Hotel³.

³.~ Note to Dustin Hoffman:
Last week today Carl Berstein was [rightfully] bitching about reporters who get  thier news sources from ‘aggregators’ such as BUZZFEED. Last week today Öüï learnt that following THE DEATH OF BUZZFEED, newspapers in Mexico looked south towards reddit (MEXICO) in order to meet the deadline and feature a fake “social interest” story on their ‘benditas’ pages.
https ://eldeforma .com /2022/01/17 /

Comida Corrida and a BAR out of HELL

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Les_Hommes_du_pr%C3%A9sident_(film)

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