Previously on, “Mika is not a trou blonde”

Dear, Hélène Cooper (NYT), please relay to Alamogordo that the F-117’s are in place, Fort Neuf is on Stand-by… told y’all about that excentric Serb. In the words of Donovan: must be the season of the Witch (cover).

https ://www.ouestfrance .fr /sante /virus /coronavirus /pass-vaccinal /je-ne-peux-aller-nulle-part-helene-sans-passe-vaccinal-ne-veut-plus-payer-ses-impots -d241d1d6-784b-11ec-8349-f47f75472839

In the mean time, never mind the blonde she’s not Blue.

Don’t Blinken, lest you want to lose.

History shows… that recovering “plasticiens” are nothing more than F.A.P. masturbators. History from Le Grand Palais is over the Hills and beyond Inauguration They.

https ://www .ina .fr /ina-eclaire-actu /video /caf95054796 /expo-72

And, i quote:
On s’est battu pour l’art
Front des Artistes Plasticiens
load for fip follows…

One-year review, El burro de Mika, en Mardi Gras… Reverend Al, where are you? Ugly Mexicans are all over the escena. In this frame, ELI WALLACH reminds Mika that the aitch is really an “E“.

“ingravidos y gentiles »… and i quote:

nunca perseguí la gloria

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