Señor Presidente, j’ai vu ce film aussi[e]… now about that Centerfold

Who’s on Third? Un théoricien de chars, D.A.T.’s who, a pre-cursor to the Air-Land Doctrine FM. It’s a 🕳️ thing, look it up or, « Be All That You  can Be ».

And, Louka… off course you have to have “el fondo” of what Jorge Saldaña in Acapulco called, “Remplacement des importations” and aware of Luis Mariano’s visit to La Colonia Roma in Barcelonnette, knot to mention read this blog like a manga magazine from JAPAN.

La forma es fondo.
Recycled history.
Assembled in Mexico.

Now, about “la forma”… it’s a new format, but you have to be on the loop of this IRONY in reel time in order to begin to KNOT the elements of this story:

https ://www .bbc .co .uk /iplayer /episode /m0013fmz /hardtalk-bassem-youssef-comedian-and-writer

Over at the BBC

L.A. Persons who WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN in San Fernando Valley
it’s part of the Bpi “Magic Mountain” snub of Alejandro Jodorowski
on their divination arts* shrine in front of the
sorriest, saddest, limited,
and off-limits
in Paris,

Meanwhile in Lima, Ohio… it’s fire-fire pork barrel treaties… and Excellentissime Ambassador Blinken, i SWEAR that EYE is Knot Making This Shit Up, sir. Last night Öüï HO’id a strange acute sound, the sound emminated from the front of the CNES building, the one next to the Poquelin’s Indiana Tropical Fruit Paradise next to this fucking “Au” Chien Qui Fume. It was fuckinig annoying,the strange sound, not the fuming dog it was the sound of a shitty car with its ignition key left in the “ON” position, not to mention the dang’ON driver’s door wide-open. So I screamed some very bad French obscenities such as « KURWA », or « PUTAIN de LA SACRE VACHE » at the motherfucker standing next to the trunk of the abovementioned vehicle, and kindly asked the driver of said ride to close his fucking door, (S.V.P.) and AbrAcAdAbrA, problem solved.  

https ://www .dailymail .co .uk /news /article-10388087 /Australia-spends-3-5billion-purchase-120-tanks-United-States .html

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