The ballad of Brnabic and Djoko

Ah, shit… there’s a shitty Arctic Blast ahead. “Select” your Mutually Assured Destruction player; your choice is Napoleon One or, Hitler.

Nope, no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, just a stupid set of Dayton Wheels for nerds. Lucky Charms, mis huevos.

On this section, Corey Coffin, will explain how an excentric Serb sparked the First World War of the mechanized world, and the illegitimate bastard son of George Harrison, RAF³ Sanchez (sin acento) will explain to Saúl “el canelo” Álvarez why this blog was behind GGG’s CORNER during the Great Golden Boy promotion GWARS.

³.~ Named after the Royal Air Force of the French-Amsterdam Hilton, or Something like D.A.T..

Here are the official Avi Velshi bootleg instructions for the task at hand:

X marks the spot

FO’ist!!! You lose the “apple” and give your professor a bucket of chicken, not chicken ‘tenders’ or chicken ‘nuggets’, a motherfucking bucket of chicken, from Popeye’s not from Mitch McConnell’s “gerrymandered secret recipe biscuits from the Cracker Barrel”.

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