19h in CET… Hoy no hubo fip

Breaking the news:

Enmienda Enmierda ANDA y iendo…
and Tiny Dancer, “T-Rex” sends his regards to the the “marble man” WHO ignored the PHYSICS on this grave called HUBRIS in Paris… Es CHAILLOT, not CHAYOTE, don Jalife-Ramhe… Jump to page Tú, to grab the BULL by the horns section 🎺🎷📻🎚️🎭

Paris just moved to Hilo, Hawaii… Harlem,  would Knot have those Coq suckers anywhere near The Cotton Club, so Mgmt had no other choice but to send that Caravan towards to where the Sunsets—ese, but The West Coast was closed. So Hawaii it was.

Los Hilos de fip… TROU Story, ask Miles, he’s seen “the” Art.

Allies just dropped a bomb à la Maison de La Radio, the London Suede just checked mate’d The Beautiful Ones.

It’s a love affair between these two, and please, pay no attention to the Deconstruction of The Grand Palais. Esa nave no sería “gran–diosa” sin su manita de guerra, —gato.

Wait(s) for Tom and his weather sit.rep update after Gabriel gets his Wings.



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