Previously on, “yo no busco, encuentro³”, period!

³ Pablo Picasso exposition at The Paris Big Ol’palace.

Francisco Sarabia strikes a gain. Francisco es Lerdo, pero no de Tejada.

https ://blog .servitoro .com /la-faena-iii-el-tercio-de-banderillas/

Tras el tercio de varas, llega una suerte airosa, ágil, plena de gracia, destreza y que, bien realizada, resulta muy espectacular; el tercio de banderillas.

El Glison is a fag

It’s a Sign of the thymes. Now tell, Mí, Siren, are Ewe knot entertained? Tango needs Cash.

In the mean Thyme… Let’s switch, IT!, to Longchamps… A Veinte, (la) bola de putos.

Cambio d’Intermedio… De Lovely.

… m’ember, now, this voyage started with the CENTENARY of what Einsestein would identify as a ‘fiesta interrumpida’, or as Porfirio Díaz would call, IT!— a one way 🎫 to France.

Poinsettia es Noche Buena, as you were… Bola de putos.

… Ana Ana Boba Fett, Bonanza Ana Tequila. Or, something like that.

Over at La Monumental… It’s Barrera De Sombra, ¡ombre! Pues!!!

Europa in Times 12h… O como dicen en BANDERILLA, Veracruz, OLÉ!!!


And, Siren, have you seen The GO’il from Ipanema? Each They She Walks , to the See, ya’See… 🐰She’s got the look of Love, love—ya’see!? Why, Eye, Got a Whiplash just looking at’Er, Simon{e} que sí. Ask TSF, although, nevermind, El McDo bought the rights to “come as Ewe Are », so D.A.R.E. is that…

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