Intermedio with Howard Johnson…

And in Paris, France, Louis Pasteur (as Öüï speaks) just obliterated Anthrax. Over at the RATP all voyages are on Madame Mayor, tonight… Profit like

Atrocement drôle… knot to be outdone by The Producers de Mel Brooks, comes the scene where the sweet old lady, tells Sheriff Bart, “up yours…”, Selon, El Pato Encabronado.

Howard Johnson

City of Rock Ridge, U.S.A.

… Across the Marne, fip radio is engaging with Ovens, ask The Olympians, and don’t shoot the messenger. Time-stamp : 16h32 Central Siren Tails in Thyme.

Since, Ewe, insists… Heeeeeeer’s Johnny! you believe that this THESE fuckers still call Chinese people’s “orientals”, the Gall, France, the Gall.

En Japonés.

Lorem ipSUM French dj’$ don’t get it, period.



Texas in Paris…

A-ha! WATSON!!!

🔥 Works follow, watch this space🍳

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