And, Cousin Joe… Aguas de Mars {zO}

Samba con Bajo Sexto de Guadalupe, Perros Bravos… Nuevo Lyon, y Monaco, —aussi.

So, yeah, NEVERMIND THE POLACKS – here comes the Sax Cuetes.

For those not versed en las cosas del amor, a “cuete” can either be a « pedo¹ » or, UN saca pedos. And by ‘pedo’, Öüï is of course referencing una Bronca (not a chiva) but a skirmish, if youse versed in plomazos, not to be confused with PALOMAZOS, because that’s nothing but a Jam.

¹.~ (Ese güey y’anda Bien PEDO! Ya no le sirván otro Ale, Jackie.)

Anyhow, long story, short:

El Bajo Sexto is like a 12-string guitar, but with a lot of character, kind of like the TOLOLOCHE that untrained ears think, that is just your regular Paul McCartney bass. TROU Story, Gordon Sullivan told Mi.








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