16:58 C.E.T. 2021

Earlier at known Parisian sundial

Eye followed the sun… A Dark horse encounter.

And, Éric Dupont–Moretti, Minister of Justice of the FIA at Concorde, Issy Aussie, of the rest of France³, también, sorry about misspelling your name but now that you can call yourself whatever Ewe want, putting a TEE on that pond of yours should only enhance it, anyhow, Mr. Minister, Eye catched that episode of your miniseries where you say that your cadre in France has no Fiber, let alone Optics; the sad result of following the libreto from The Paris Tourism Board, Öüï says, knot Mi.

³.~ Where thanks to La Île de La Reunion and other assorted “ultramares” the sun 🌄 never sets, so Gordon, 🎚️ Tráeme La Noche…



And of course: Festevus 2021 !!! it’s like The Matrix, but for Anti-dentites, y’all.

And, Amb. Kennedy, lest you forget, “Australia is the Enemy”, period, but really, Jackie, Ewe sure that you don’t want to give the “fries 🍟 station a try, Hun‽.





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