The 2021 TIME Person of The Year on The ReVVie Awards in New York


Johnny Utah was a fag! And TRIXX are fo’4 non-blodes, Neo… If that’s a real Pill… and the Answer is, “No”, Melle. Tsirkin. No, you can either be Daphne, or you can either be Velma.

Live from The Park of La Nouvelle France

Ladies in Gemini, let’s cut through the chase, this year’s winner of the TIME Person of the Year on The ReVVie Awards in New York City goes to…


She Can Pitch.
She Can Knock the ball out of The Ballpark.
She Can Run, she can hustle, and steal 2nd like nobody’s business
and Alex, the Witt of this pussycat can also take care of the Right Field, square away the Left and just play Centerfield the way Fogerty intended that position to be played in… 33 1/3 are-Π-emes~es~else

Based on a Trou ReVVolution

LOUISE MICHEL … “yeah fuck it”.

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