So, you think that you can take on the role of Daphne, eh!?

Allow Mí, to put D.A.T. to the test… your MISSION, if you should accept, IT!, Melle. Tsirkin, is to infiltrate The Church of Mitch McConnell and the Send Your Kids to War, —or go to Jail— Ministries.

A sq and a B sq walk into a Bar³ in Paris, hilarity ensues when Moretti cuts the WiFi off on SEE Square!!!

³.~ https ://www .francetvinfo .fr /economie /emploi /metiers /droit-et-justice /mobilisation-des-magistrats-j-espere-qu-il-n-y-a-pas-d-instrumentalisation***-mais-je-ne-peux-pas-l-exclure-dit-eric-dupond-moretti_4881737.html

***.~ See AUSSIE, about “la Clochardisation” de la barra.

Behold: Be Herd!
The American Education system explained by Michael Cohen,
…yes, that motherfucker from the Prince Andrews Saga.
Bonus Question Back of the Book Answers follow.

… and Lindsey Reiser, did you eat Avi Velshi?
—Don’t lie, missy, this is no time for Siesta.

Ladies in Gemini, The Reverend Julie “Mystery Van” Tsirkin.

… And the first thing that you should know about wearing a pair of arracadas, Daphne, is D.A.T.: Ewe either go full-circle or suspend your aretes like Katty Kay does… what are you, like training them lóbulos waxios?

Them stripes, however, Daphne, are GOLD! Daphne, Gold!


TIFF CROSS, are you wearing Pluto’s ears as MANGAS… No MANCHES! It’s knot even foreign language they and here you is just excelling yo’Self with Extra Credit! Girl, with them False Friends in the Transliteration Incident… WHO’s The President of The U.S.A. and what is the Vee Pi’s name?

NO! Eli Mystal, No!!! The cast-call specifically asked for a “Mystical Daphne” not a Mystal Bar³ Man, and stop pulling on your earlobes it’s unbecoming… you Black son-of-a-bitch!

Tell you what, “Playboy“, Eye will inquire if the Fat Boys biopic is still in the WO’iks, Vale? o Sale? Eye knows that ROLAND MARTIN is on the list, but that golf-playin’ Fool is going to have to go on a diet, he’s like DMC phat… RUN motherfucker!!! RUN!!!

Öüï’s going to have to leave, IT!, at D.A.T. for the moment, Julie Tee. If you can Hook the BELLS like a Rock and drop a roll… then and only then you’ll have the Gig, Kasie is gone.

After the break, Willie Geist remembers the “golden Theys” of a John Wayne education system, and in case that you are wondering what this has to do with Las Manchas de Tiff, Öüï is going to touch base with Texas Governor Matthew Wooderson…Matthew Wooderson…





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