And, Katty Kay… Can you believe that Clown in The Ukraine!

Cecil V. De Mille Presents… an MGM – Cesar’s – Paris – Montecarlo – AIPAC production

Boosting Trump’s Legacy in Nazareth
https ://www .timesofisrael .com /liveblog_entry /ukraine-says-it-recognizes-jerusalemas-israels-capitalwill-open-embassy-there/

Starring Matthew McConAugHey! as David writing the Psalm{a}s
willie geist is the mean bodybuilding giant with a media platform

This film has not yet been boosted! But knot to be outdone by Mika’$ Racing $tripes… 20 minutes later in Central Europe Time:

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /1914 /reader /reader .html #!preferred /0 /package /1914 /pub /1801 /page /26

Deer-copy Kat… Bennifer 2.003 called.

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