And, Mark Caputo… nevermind the first Two letters of you last name

For the record, Cousin Joe, “The Girl Who Won My Heart” is off-course, CARMEN, it’s always CARMEN and she was Three years old at the time of the original years before The Beastie Boys sampled that “Crafty bitch”.

More Sharpie, Mr. President!
C’mon POTUS! More Sharpie on them plaques!

Revolution (Es her demo-n)
The Beatles
ALBUM : The Beatles (1968)

CA**** as in California News**, puto, is flipping the TEXAS “abortion bounty-hunter” legislation, but with GUNS, ese. Aussie, don’t laugh at Mr. Caputo’s last name, it is Latin for… anyone?, Caputo is Latin for? Mara? Mara Gay, Caputo (pronounced SA°Puto in Italian) is Latin for? Mara, Mara Gay, “SA°Puto” is Latin for?

Chapitre (Led Zeppelin) IV
Les Édifices Circulaires Romains
Louis Hatecœur’s 1954
Mystique et Architecture
Symbolisme du Cercle et de La Coupole
82, Rue Bonaparte 

Caputo is Latin {AS DESCRIBED by the American Journal of Bluegrassology*} for, “Zeppelin used to go here”, ask Krauss,
she’s from Kentucky, Krauss follows on with the “Don’t Rock The Jukebox” tradition of FAR AWAY EYES.

Revolution (Parts 1 & 2)
Nina Simone
ALBUM : Forever young, gifted & black (1969)

*.~ TROU Story, facted checked by the B°pi°Beaubourg° and fact-based on a TROU PARODY that goes a little bit something like the first FOUR takes:

Jump to Page Tú (here)

Ask°le°pios (interpreted by Jimmy Page, in the role of Doctor Anthony Fauci, MD doctor.)
— Hey°Sus (interptreted by Robert Plant, in the role of Florida governor, Mark De Santis)
— Ha°des (interpreted by Mick Jagger, he stars the rumor that The Mighty Zepp stole the secrets to the Stairway to CIEL and Ziggy’s Lazarus Man, —man!)
— The Serpent (John Bonham, wrapped around one of his giant drum sticks in the role of BONZO)
— A°pollo (interpreted by John Paul Jones, he kills all of the Cyclops in The III Act, “No Quarter“).

“We’ve done four already, but now we’re steady and then they went, 1… 2… 3… 4…,”



Deer, Ian Br°zez°in°ski… if that so-called Atlantic Council is a real thing, this is going to put a Slap on that “cuñado” of yours, that i promise will pull his NECK Up and straighten that stupid collar of his, Aussie, watch how the aforementioned slap will re-verbarate on Politico LeMire’s silly smirk.

https ://frenchamerican .org /young-leader /ian-brzezinski/

Scott Lang, GO-to-WAR or Go-to-Jail… l’Homme-fourmi… when Quantum Théorèmes go French.


Page 325:
Most modern expositions [of mechanics still]… ask the reader to emulate the Red Queen by believing six impossible things before pancakes… or something like that, according to Stuart Antman³, no relation to the so-called, l’Homme-fourmi.

³.~ Nonlinear Problems of Elasticity (2005)

https ://catalogue .bpi .fr /fr /document /ark: /34201 /nptfl0001515982?searchToken=bdd4d55c50a98abf7e7da2a613b8386f1a09469f

Physics avoidance” refers to the fact that we frequently cannot reason about nature in the straightforward manner we anticipate, but must seek alternative policies that allow us to address the questions we want answered in a tractable way.

Radical thinking would tell Ewe; that… it was not a Quad-state Tornado attack (from Chinese NATURE) but Öüï now knows that it was a CLEAN SEXENIO in their “America“, also…

https ://nymag .com /intelligencer /2021/12 /republican-ron-desantis-trump-lock-up-fauci-gain-of-function-testimony-nih .html

Radical Thinking would tell Ewe:
Mark DeSantis in FLA is what Chris Christy NJ-SHORE was, before Trump made the scene on The O’Reilly Factor.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at PHYSICS AVOIDANCE or, as Mark Wilson (Bpi: 3 7504 10171403 6) penned it, “Essays in Conceptual Strategy”, page “3-2-4 ; 324, 324, 324” Chapter EIGHT:


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