New Thanksgivin’ segment… because, FUCK YOU.

Interpol : Ahmed Naser Al-Raisi, un général émirati accusé de torture, élu président … but then again, —Kier Simmons already told you about the Ace.

Great Expectations… and Eye quotes:
… and you wish you were the one Eye was doing it to.

Over at “The” New York Times, Leonardo de Caprio is out of vaquitas, and Gael García Bernal’s “NO” was just a telenovela.

HEY FUCKERS of The Divine Comédie Bar and Grill!!!

It’s the Corner of General Eisenhower and a piece of The Berlin Wall on the section of Le Rond Point. Come together and meet, Mí, between 1938 and 1940 over FDR AVENUE but, —pay no attention to the 2nd International Aviation Expo and The First France d’Outre Mer  ‘struggle’ at Le Grand Palais (punto y coma) it’s nothing more than the result of the FO’ist “chase the communists out of Le Grand Palais” by none other than the First Version of LE {DIRECT} MATIN

¿Ahora es cuando Chile VERDE ya le das sabor AL? Anyone, Ferris, ¿Ahora es cuándo, FERRIS BUELLER, ya le das sabor a quoi? IT’S FERRIS BUELLER THEY OFF!!! At the FRENCH QUARTER of LA EMBAJADA de BERLIN en PARIS 1933.

It’s 1938 and time for the symbolic fall of LIPCHITZ’ Prometheus in Paris

JACQUES de LENDAIN, the motherfucker from YESTERDAY, “Le Corbusier” and of Course, HENRY “the horse” BERNARD dances the WALTZ under the FULL PATRONAGE of a certain maréchal PETAIN, chef de l’État.

Now Ladies in Gemini from the Paris Tourism Board Tour if you look up at the relief in mosaïque along the PORsCHE or pórtico of LE PALAIS de LA DÉCOUVERTE you can appreciate the IMAGE of our LORDE the Liverpudlian LENNON opening up the MILITARY PARADE in full ROMAN REGALIA; wanna know how I know that it is JOHN the EggMan?

Look’up, bitchez’!!! Look at the trademark gold wire rim round vintage SPECTACLES over that pointy beak and ‘stach, heck Paul is next to him making sure that Lennon armpits don’t stink. In case you need the PLANK REFERENCE it’s N° 12 right after the spot where the STATUE of JACQUES LIPCHITZ [Prometheus and the bird] once stood and STING’s mom, she’s the one with the laúd or lute; not to be confused with lutte because that is full Circle with GENE SIMMONS and his God of Thunder.

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