And, Cousin Joe… who’s on first? KYLIAN MBAPPÉ

From L’Equipe at Le Parisien:

https ://www .20minutes .fr /sport /3144839-20211011 -france- espagne-comprend-comment-pourquoi-but-kylian-mbappe-pu-etre-valide

La remontada de France… it’s like when the U.S. Cavalry was spotted being FUERA DE LUGAR at the Pahá Sápa* in South Dakota. C’est l’Honte!!!

It’s called Video Assistant or Assisted Referee, but the French have not invented that technology yet, so it’s not compatible with the CANAL PLUS / BeIn Sports C.G.I. animated monitos and the result of a match in favor of La France.

In Historical terms that’s like Spain claiming that the Inquisition was not UN FUERA DE LUGAR, coño!!!

Soup Sandwich, nah… it’s been done before.
And Cousin Joe replies:

Ok. Ok, ok, ok!
How about a peanut butter sandwich… in CYRILIC!

Is that it, Cousin Joe? Is that all youse got?
And Cousin Joe, scratches his balls, carefully keeping from the edges of the Lou Costello autograph.

Ok. Ok. Ok, ok, ok!
How about if Alex throws in a few Egg Rolls, but no spaghetti!!!

https ://finance .yahoo .com /news /1-biden-failed-secure-summit-222623725 .html?

I don’t know, Cousin Joe… Yve’s (pronounced like Hives without the letter aitch, which happens to be la hache y la h es muda) is wondering if Peanut Butter Noodles are in the menu…

Profeco warns that it could withdraw Maruchan-type soups and the internet responds with memes

And the Mexican President butts in outlawing “Chinese Noodles” for having no nutritional value so, KNOW! No noodles for you, AUSSIE, true to form AMLO takes full-credit for the Dodgers 9-2 victory over the GIGANTES de San FRAN… Gooooooo, Dodgers!

And KATTY KAY… stay away from THE TRIBE, and at the RISK of BEING GUILLOTINED by the VERY ULTRAS en PARIS:

FRENCH 101… Mick mettre en scène une scène, and just like the one AFTER 9 oh, NINE!!! Nobody paid any attention to “el fuera del lugar”, which in this case is of course THE FUCKING BAR, Charlie

https ://www.insider .com /mick-jagger-unrecognized-at-charlotte-bar-before-rolling-stones-concert -2021-10

Mick Jagger was caught being OFF-SIDE at a dive in THE SOUTH. Stop it Mick! McCa and that UFO Fighter already staged the incongnito outside of a bar.

For the record, The Beatles always had that EYE DON’T KNOW WATT in their act. It’s Trou.

Paul McCartney was turned away from a club. He should be glad
by: Luke Holland
HOLLAND!!! Eye smells a Mexican Staged Act: NO FUE PENAL.
As heard on TATTOO YOU: you’re such an actress you don’t need no acting school, Mick. Sin Celery: “Blackbird“.

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