The smile of Val Resnick – The Re-Count

And Lindsey Riser, wait one and Eye will show you that El Caballo de Troya no es como lo pintan.

Note to all of our non readers:

“Güil Guork For FUD”…
Of course you know, it was The Very French who invented Capitalism, right?

Over on our Twitter parking space, STAFF is currently going over Paco “El Reforma’s” Calderón anti-Cuban spiel… y como dice Funky Ella, and Paul McCartney quotes, “One, and one, and one is”, anyone, “one, and one, and one is”, Johnny? “One, and one, and one” is? Anyone… Ringo “One, and one, and one is”, Harrison, “One, and one, and one is?”… and Mick Jagger (that motherfucker) goes: El Tri.

Blackbird learned to RIDE.
Öüï saw him horse whispering them horses with LAS CALACAS back in 2011.

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