“Have at it!” sponsored by Cleto Reyes

Nicole Wallace stars as the Fight Night card girl.

And, Rachel Maddow… youse such an actress you don’t need Know Columbia Law degree.

Well… you’ve HO’id about The Thrilla in Manila and the Reverend Alfred Sharpton knows—that you’ve heard of The Rope-a-Dope scenario, Issy, this is exactly like one of those.

From the Indian Paper, as picked up by the Electro-magnetic ink technologies invented by El Primer Torero Porno:

Why boxing’s return to Roland-Garros is an event

In Local News, there’s a new seed in town… over at the Conciergerie, organized crowds of military/gendarme-grade ballistic cops not seen since The Killer Queen was beheaded by the gang of Les Jacobins surrounded that quadrant as if they were attached to Jack Nicholson’s  Guantanamo Bay breakfast detail in Cuba.

Jean-Paul Belmondo takes on the role of “Kid Joe”, a Pennsylvania prize fighter, sounds familiar? That’s because Paris just took the concept of Madison, the square in the garden and re-invented boxing… sponsored by Wilson, maker of volleyballs and other assorted castaway equipment.


With All Due Respect (WADR) to The WaWa surrounding The Arizona… in Hilo, Hawaii, Rachel Maddow, it’s the still of The Night Before Today’s Yesterday.

Overexposed, commercialized… Have At, it, period


Deer, fellow butterballs… Love is all (punto y coma) for the record, Rachel Maddow, Ben FrancKlin wanted a turkey instead of a fucking bald eagle on the motherfucking crest… pass the toothpaste.


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