A los toros con Stein el espontáneo

Knock, knock… it’s KNOT one of Those, BoB. And Ms. Washington, Eye knows that you’ve heard of Abbey Road, this is its Gate.

Free valet parking for Limos.

Plaza de toros Tijuana, San Diego’s favorite flautas. Menudo on Sundays. 🌮🌮🌮 And, Alicia Menendez… how is it that the World is just learning about the “K” variant of Talibanes??? Does anybody know—the whereabouts of the “ j, i, h, g, f, e, d, SEE, BEE and Ey variants?”

https ://www .texasmonthly .com /food /flautas-are-tacos-too/

So… Backward (but exceptional) Country Boy, Öüï now returns to Thee regular programming.

https ://www .nbcsandiego .com /news /local /were-trying-to-get-them-out-san-diego-students-stranded-in-afghanistan-expected-to-return-home-soon /2702761/

Coming Soon to a theater near you: Encajonados en Kabul!!!

Öüï catches up with Ms. Kube at the Pentagon, where The Numbers (lots of #Em!) just re-defined the processes involved in re-adjusting the Grade on a Curve.

Y ni modo que La Casa Blanca lo niegue, the flautas from Plaza de Toros Tijuana are prepped with the freshest ingredients and served in Real Time.

Note to programmers on Deadline/No Deadline:

In Kase Ewe was wondering who was holding the pressure pot [with the flauta sauce in it) now you know that it has always been the “³” spelled with a variant of “K”… putassium 💥 de Potasio 🥑.

https ://www .bbc .com /news /world-europe-58329080

I used to love her, but I had to [EAT] her”

Deer, Rachel Maddow… i don’t select the Angles for Engle, but the story is written pretty much by inertia now.

Over on the Nat Géographique Graphics department, Agent Boulangère infiltrantes a leopard trafficking ring and uses the opportunity to CONTRAST “chiquita” [ 🐆 ] with the banana republics being forged in Central America by the THE UNITED FRUIT COMPANY 🍌.



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