Tuesday’s gone fishin’… caught a Kat

And, Katty Kay, it was the fip dot sirens who put The Serge [🇫🇷. on The Baker [🇺🇸/🇫🇷. and now, You’re A Big Girl with that Wey Too Early.

After the break, it’s Chepina la panadera and the Watermelon man in the Latinξ syndicated version of The Masked Singer on location at El Panteón Francés.

Anyhow, the Paris Tourism board might lack a lot of imagination, and that’s where the Ministry of Culture comes in… litte did Oh–Hi–Oh know about the logistics deployed when The Hard Rock Café snubbed Mary J. Blige:

People who know, know that this move started back in the month of May after Rolling Stone released the list of approved inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Upon learning that The Hard Rock Café in Ohio would not be providing posada to Chaka Khan, the French Ministry of Culture went ahead and secured the rights for the panthéonisation of Josephine Baker from the Monaco Tourism Board.

Deer, Joyanne Reid… The Ozarks and Busta Rhymes in the same segment? What could be WO’ist?

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