Well, you’ve HO’id about “the Iron Maiden”… this is her Crutch

AND, Spike Lee… Dodge this: now Eye knows that you’ve HO’id about The Kinks of Lola on the Morning Joe Show… it’s KNOT one of Dos(bones).

What’s The 411… Busta 🏈 Rhymes? ☎️…
🚬 So I forced my hands in my pockets and felt with my thumbs
And gallantly handed her my very last piece of gum 🎶🎶🎶 and then Thee Chief Commander realized that Uncle Sam could Not Chew Gum and WALK at the same Time … ✊🏽“Revolution. » Gill Scott-Heron on a Sturgeon Moon Dream.

Lola Rastaquouère is à Panthéon, with a Foreward in —reverse— from Mr. “Thee” de Villepin to the architect of Irak II and Afghanistan IV, Donald Rumsfeld and the Powell’s that put “Rummy” there… da’Funk you know about political Football’s ☢️ 5678 Mr. Lee? FIRST DOWN, Olympic de Marseille, —nice— unnecessary roughness, Nice.

In México güeys it’s Thyme for 🌬💨🌊 Grace under fire.

https: //www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/08/21 /cultura /penultimatum-el-legado-de-donald-rumsfeld/

The fourth T* around… You get a Doughnut! You get a Doughnuuu–ahhh—Shit 🌀 The Continuing Story of Rocky Trash Panda and Mr. Mag•Ou:

Sponsored by Voto Latin-ξ and Chevy NOVA!… oh, about that over used cliché “walk and chew bubblegum while… riding a Pony, A Pony, Natasha!!! A Pony.

No, Mr. President, I didn’t expect you to stay another fiscal quarter, but Eye certainly did not expect you to LEAVE LIKE A THIEF AT NIGHT!!!

The para•bola is supposed to have you Arrive like a Thief at Knight, but Eye guesses that “Father knows best (Western) knot The Holiday Inn ».

Blue Moon is in Effect CET 10h46

From the Lennon and that other guy, Under Norweiganwood song* or something like that.

I stood there and hummed, I tapped on her drum, I asked her how come?
And she buttoned her boot, and straightened her suit, and she said, “Don’t get cute


Context for the Rhiannon Fleet follows [Mac]… after Öüï gets Stoned! You got it, Chief Commander… but first, i take a peek under the Hood of  one of the HOMELAND SECURITY Committee hoopty hoop’s, the Rep. Ritchie “All Along” the Blackmore Towers from The Bronx. In the sub-Text, y visto desde tu “persiana 🇮🇷 americana 🇺🇸”, Madame Kumar, you may consider Mí como “el arquitecto de tus lados Incorrectos”

And, señor Banderas, as you and Évry body in Ivry knows la persiana americana is non other than Yasmin Vassoughian 🇮🇷/🇺🇸.

After the break it’s, Yet Another Way to Tie in Beck’s Guitar String… and Ms. Kumar, youse gonna like this Bucket of Chicken! Eye guarantee, IT!… it’s pressure cooked in Granada 🇪🇸.

Yup. If it was Afghanistan 2021 it would be the same kind of killings, but in a different lengua y de otra fe.

And, Alicia Menendez, Mí’s hopes are that Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY) can go beyond the Scientology angle of that there “guitar string »… 🧶 and synch-in with what follows after N° 33 on the elements cages, —that’s right, Sirene Claire— Nº 34, or as they call it in Acapulco: Se… del verbo Ser. Now then, to “be” in the know Ewe is bound by la Real Academia to put an “accént” on it.

With that in mind then, President Biden was like burning rubber on them There Pavés and shit! When all of a sudden that motherfucker got dizzy in like the second full moon on the strip—released the steering wheel and that there Pony went backasswards over the curb… and then the Mustang (not the Maverick) took off like a Bat out of Hell. No rhyme here governor, just the plain ugly facts.

https ://old .reddit .com /r /IdiotsInCars /comments /p5mjbv /just_a_mustang_doing_mustang_things/

I like Joe, but if your beat is Homeland Security on the Congress side, then having a bunch of military equipment (without revisiting the news from like Eight days ah—wEAK… a Mouse!) left behind like charity is going to cause a lot of headaches (the real kind) KNOT the fake Havana kind… especially for ¡La Persica!

Io no está para contarla, but there’s a pattern between Uncle Sam y “los barbudos”. Y Carranza no tiene panza porque la barba se la tapó… 🕳 Trou story.

As (33) in, 🎶 Hijo de La Luna.


Alicia’s cheeks are BACK! The young Alicia Menéndez from That “güey” Too Early is nowhere to be (ser) seen (punto y coma)… probably left with that HenRi the Flood dude.

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