And, Cousin Joe… should The S’tates S’tart a Y’ank F’oreign L’egion

… like French Dee-Jays Do? It’s Easy, all you need is a batch of sketchy immigrants, and the promise of citizenship after they go to Hell and back. It’s a Win-Win. It’s Gold, BEDINGFIELD, AU!!!

You are never going to guess what’s inside of N° 33, As[k] Mí.

But seriously, I am Sirius, —and you are Knot!

https ://www .thoughtco .com /finding-gold-on-the-periodic-table– 607644


Anyhow Mr. Molla G, what you don’t know is that ALL OF THAT TREASURE TROVE mitt WEAPONS is laced with the FAST and FURIOUS —Nextel/PEGASUS— tracking devices… and besides those 5.56 mm /.223 in shooters are not Halal. If you butcher any living being with’em you will not get any of the 72 or so, virgins… that are apparently promised by your religion when you die. So there’s that. 

The joke’s on you 🖲 Talibanes!

In Local News, on the opposite side of the CET hours (HST) it’s the Third Friday in August:

Among the contributions that The 50th Star has given the United States of America, por ejemplo, — el presidente Donald John Trump can boast that HIS predecessor, President Barack Hussein OBAMA (Jr.)was BORN in HAWAII, Aussi(e), pineapples… And Australia, you are not foolin’ anybody. Do you really think that the AXIOS bunch is KNOT going to notice the SIDNEY in BOBB, that’s Code FOR Shrimp in Barbie 3X!!! At least you had the common courtesy this time of shining the light on a fucking LIBRARY. Trou Story. Ladies in Gemini, the Australian truck incident outside of the Library of Congress is retribution¹ for that Time that then-president Donald John Trump wanted to do a DEMONIC RITUAL outside of a WASHINGTON Church… ‘member how that INIDEL flipped the BIBLE upside down? Blasphemy at the Highest Levels of Corruption!!! 


… And Alicia Menendez, what’s up with the beaver?

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