B.O.N.E.S. via La Grange to Old Segovia Rd.

And, segnor François Pinault-Hayek, page 43 (ibid. Eco) spells it out perfectly, and if your Mercedes are lost in translation, Salmita can trasliterate the hypotenuse:


It’s rather simple, I simply don’t select the frames. I simply can’t. That would be like asking MACARIO to switch ends on the bed (please reference “a  qué huelen tus pies”, which it is not a question but a Sobredosis De Cemento reference from a few theys ago.

Ask Esmeralda, Billy, —she’ll tell you! Dusty’s trademark hat looked sort of, kind ah, remotely close to the dome de la mentada Bourse de Comerse Hayek-Pinault.

In Local News, The Siren said fuck it, it's Diva Knight To Nite! Total disregard for check-in time... over at the Maub, “El Mil Máscaras” is betting that this one is going to be late for her own funeral—oh! The Humanity.

Previously on last night’s Ping Pong match against los Super Rudos de fip . fr:


Öüï are talking Lucha Libre royalty here, people!

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R.I.P. Super Cochon!


….10*. L’élitisme est un aspect type de l’ideologie réactionnaire, en tant que fondamentalement  aristocratique [de Coatzacoalcos].


Robbing Peter to pay Paul, it’s symbolic, off~course…

Y no, no doña Vilma. No es’que se le sacara la vuelta, “and you know what I’m talkin’bout”, diría Billy, pero de seguir con la flecha derecha por La Grange en dirección con René-Viviani retrasaría la hora de llegar con Salma (punto y coma) it’s symbolic and The Artist is going to explain why; but FO’ist, The Road to 🌀 The TiTi Twister 🌀leads to Mí.

Lorem Ipsum times Yada, yada, Ding dong, over r X Pi … let’s do The Math, and as usual the student must show the shortest route to the College de France.

And Katy Kay… you have never looked younger, did you do something to your wardrobe?

And, Katty Kay… Ewe don’t look [six months] older than 2021 years.

And Kashmir goes here.

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