Paris Centre… formally the 1690’s projects

For Hypothetical Comparisons and What Knots?

“Why Thomas Jefferson’s Anti-Slavery Passage Was Removed from the Declaration of Independence”… only on BFM TV.

Off-Course, don Pablo Bartolomé, “el pueblo bueno” de Paris Centre, formally the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and, Fourth arrondissements of the current 75000-CEDEX Zip Codex, is going to interpret this monologue Draft as being about el artista, Roger Pérez—or even about you, Pablito.

https ://www .history .com /news /declaration-of-independence-deleted-anti-slavery-clause-jefferson

Anyhow, don Pablo Bartolomé, i could unfold a lot and a half of post card-sized cards with an annotated log of exchanges between your former self at The Place Where Evry Body Knows Your Name, and me. But i am not going to do that, i will only unfold one however, and it’s from the first 72 hours from the time that your former life form and i met.

And because i always try to finish what i start, i told your homeless ass (ese) that someday i would invite you to Segovia, Texas —a ghost town— with half of the population of the Place Where Evry Body knows your name. And because the Country that you adopted as your own insists on shutting my Draft down, the only possible means to take you to Old Segovia Road is through this imaginary trip through the road to Hell… which happens to be in OHIO… whose capital is of course, Lima (knot Peru) and you are never going to guess what gets built there, in Lima, Ohio… not Peru.


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