And Lindsey Reiser… is that all there is to a Summit? BRING ON THE REDS

Deer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (33)… Shaquille O’Neil is right, just call it “Contrast” Therapy because Jesus never criticized any Ewe!… but he did arrive on top of a burro… wait! BURRITO HAS a better RING TO, IT!

BUT FO’ist, a CONFLICT of INTEREST prevents u.s. from joining the French National Team in Bern, where HUNGARY is tied with Les Bleus, one score and eleven players on the field ago… yada yada yada, it’s Juneteenth in The Great Mexican State of Coahuila de Zaragoza, where people who know, “know que know” FUE PENAL!!!

NOW it’s time for the current champions and Ronaldo CR7, who take over the Lufthansa Friendly Skies… AND ZEPPELIN GOES HERE!

CHAMPAGNE OR SPARKLING fizzy FUZZY bubbles, Mesdames/Messieurs,  Ah—OUIS! ⚡️Attention, lightening and thunder follows at the 18:15 quadrant… CET What a difference a They makes, eh!


And, Lindsey, did you go to Acapulco during the Biden European Vacation, “¿y no me invitaste? », Aliens report that youse still in Puerto Vallarta, —en la azotea.

Johnny Knoxfield and the Jackass crew are fags! •_🏀❗️🏀_• And BABY BLUE Cross, before the LatinX community center on the opposite side of PIEDRAS NEGRAS gets all “cringy” about a pair of pink tacos, be advised that GROOT calls them ‘shoots’ (punto y coma) don’t believe Mí? ask Rudo and Cursi… 🎬

And Cory Coffin… what in the Whole Wide World of Sports are you talking about? But since, Kendis-is-is is bragging about your early-morning Sports Center deHighLIGhT‘s (Nº 3 S.V.P.) please relay to former FORUM resident Kareem (33) that he, and Larry are wearing my number.

And Tiff’Croshere’s a free set-up from The Guardian himself, for your “producers” from ITT Ivory (tower) Prep:


“Don’t talk to me about a revolution until you are prepared to eat rat on-a-stick” or, until you are willing to deflect a direct hit to GOAL with your upstair noggin and stop that motherfucker with your “down stairs” thinking buddy, and a pair of basketball-size cojones.

https ://www .theguardian .com /football /2021 /jun /18 /matthijs-de-ligt-cool-and-powerful-shows-netherlands-the-way-forward

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