Öüï now continue our continuing Coverage of Hola Guapa…

And Willie Geist, did Eye mentioned that Öüï can put the toothpaste back in the tube and, just exactly what type of plan is Ewe talking about? Let Mí know and don’t forget to send your contribution to the Sacred Church of the Underground Mall of New Jersey in Paris, France.

Breaking News: Frogs at the Poquelin Lounge bar and grill are already clamoring for the great Stephanie. And that’s a fact. How’bout sending a fucking beer my way, you fags. 🙊 Gonna put my headphones on, so “just talk among yourself »…

Advertisement for the Law Offices of Scarborough and Melber (Family – Criminal – Workmans Comp. Law) Floor -4 at the mall.
Media Squatting One-Oh-One, with Sthephanie Ruhle.
They call her “resilience with a smile,” in no small part because after losing her office space at msnbc, La Pundita, found a corner with WiFi access and USB power source to take care of business at a local mall… pay no attention to the fellow taking a nap opposite of your 45°, Stephanie,  because “It’s probably me.”

Coming up in local motion news, Elise Jordan is set to hold a rally in the bobo’ist part of la Île-de-France and if Major Pesquet 👨🏻‍🚀 pulls-off a base, then Elise will be at the plate.

And oh, the humanity, France just re-instated the institution of “bullet holes in/on the Cemetery walls,” or so you would think, it remains to be seen what the punishment for slapping a ruling president in the face will be, lo bueno es de que este güey ya no va poder fusilar a nadie:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/06/08 /mundo /hombre-abofetea-a-macron-durante-visita-al-sureste-frances/

And in Washington, D.C., former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill is now officially a MARXIST, field reports relay that the politician turned pundit (and carrot cake aficionado) was captured by The Reds and she was turned into a Marxist with a simple belly rub.

https ://www .mlb .com /news /reds-win-third-straight-game-vs-cardinals

Camisole enters the Charts at N° 1, but don’t let that distract you from the real fashion statement—a pair of cuban-heeled Chelsea slippers (punto y coma) and nevermind The Beatles-inspired collarless blouse under them ridiculous set of spectacles. Shoppers can find Claire’s leisure rags at The Mall’s 3rd floor, next to “Shit people buy”.

https ://hotcasarecords .bandcamp .com /track /camisole

Sources close to Marx relay that once the flashback rearranged the plot from the “formalists¹”, that is to say, after the farce, Marx was heard saying:

I never forget a prairie blouse, but in your case I’ll make an exception.


¹.)_ Turim, M., FLASBACKS IN FILM Memory & History; Routledge. London, 1989.

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